Saturday, July 10, 2010

WORKSHOP - Reuse Recycle Reduce

SATURDAY 14th August, 2010

TIME: 10am - 10pm (12 hours of scrapping)


Barrabool Hills Community Church, Function Room

4-46 Province Bvd Highton, Geelong.

ο Scrap and Chat $35

Included: Dinner, kit and lots of fun.
ο Scrap/Chat/Paper $60
Included: Same as Scrap and Chat above

PLUS 12 Papers from new ranges with matching Die Cuts/Rubons

Come and join in the fun.

Further details below on other things we will be doing throughout the day.


Whether you are a greenie or not we all have heard the saying ONE MAN'S TRASH is ANOTHER MAN'S TREASURE. At the next workshop we are about to test that theory with our TRASH and TREASURE sale.

We often joke as scrapbookers, that SHE who dies with the MOST scrapbooking supplies wins
are you really going to ever use half of the product that you JUST HAD TO HAVE and bought on impulse and now wondering why and if you are ever going to use it - I know i probably never will - though my girls love the stash i have for them now that they are allowed to use.

You know when you are scrapbooking and you are just looking for that little something to finish off your layout and you just don't have it but the person right next to you quite often does...... this happens often, and the beauty of scrapbooking together.

This workshop we are NOT going to have a "shop" as per normal but inviting all participants to go through their stash and bring along any unwanted (UNUSED) scrapping supplies you may have that you had to have at the time but since its just sat there and you're wondering what you will do with it. This could be papers, embellishments, rubons whatever - only rule is that the packets are unopened and the paper whole sheets. All this will be sorted onto tables with a minimum price attached (e.g. between 50c - $2) and money raised from these sales will go towards the cause of the day. What is left remaining at the end of the day will be boxed up and sent to one/or both of the places we have supported in the past who make albums for underprivileged/orphan children.

So start to clear out your stash and make way for some new now.

Starting from NOW - start looking around your home at things you can use on a layout.
This competition has not many rules except on your page you must use 3 recyclable items (e.g. tickets, labels, tags, lolly wrapers etc) and needs to be completed by the workshop day to be placed on the table. These will be judged by a panel of people. First prize will be a 12x12 Creative memories frame which are stunning and a gorgeous home decor piece for your home. Anyone, any age can win so start thinking about what you throw away that could be used on a layout instead.

READY STEADY SCRAP - Scrapoff competition
Scrap a layout against the clock - bit of fun using recycled items from the stash.

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