Friday, June 27, 2008

AWESOME effort girls

We raised over $3000 girls once i paid all the expenses. Woo hoo. What an effort. On top of all that we scrapped 90% of all those photos too which means we will be able to give the two families an album of their memories each - they can sit down together and journal about the photos. Well done - there is no way I could have done any of that without your help. I am having fun shopping for goodies for their hampers too. They will both also get another $1000 as well as their album full of wonderful layouts that you did.

There are so many people to thank but please forgive me if I forget any of you.

Thanks to:
- ALL of you who wore their PJ's and to B1 and B2 for their huge effort.
- everyone who gave of their time and made a layout one/both of the families
- Richelle, Linda, Karni and Al for helping make all those little goodie bags out of paper - never ever again...... OK probably we will but I promise it won't be 2 days before a workshop....
- Winter Family for their awesome catering and for looking after our bellies again. We all look forward to what you have prepared for us
- Barry and David for moving all the church pews - its a horrible heavy job but we could couldn't do it all without their help
- Marelle - for getting her friends to do some pages for the families even before the workshop
- Chris Millar for donating some prizes
- Raqual for her generous discounts again and again
- Karni for making some jewellry for the raffles and give a ways
- Julie for donating movie tickets for the families (thanks heaps).
- for all of you who stayed behind and helped me clean up too.

Im sure I must have missed someone and if I have Im so sorry. I wish i was feeling a bit better on the day to sit down and chat to you all a bit more but maybe next time.

Its so nice to see you all starting to mix with each other and become friends too. Our core little group of 11 has grown some what hasn't it. The money we raise for the cause is the added bonus of the day but what means more to me is to see all you guys enjoying yourselves too.

The next workshop is on the 20th September - and yes i know if Geelong makes it to the finals we may have a few people short - but you know those two big screens - well if we make it for those of you who don't go Im sure i will be able to get it put up on the screens - so hoping that doesn't deter you.

Now as for the cause - i really are going to have you trust me on this one.... The money is going to go to someone who NEEDS it and it is someone many of you know from our workshops BUT... really want to keep this a surprise so please..... don't make me say. If you really must know personally email me but bear in mind I may just wan to keep it a secret....

Anyway here is a couple of snaps of the day -

Thanks again to you all for making the day so much fun and another successful Crop for a Cause.



Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Last Minute Preparations

Hi Girls
just a quick message before Saturday - we are now well and truly BOOKED OUT - We have 88 people registered - what a hoot.
There will be lots of little extras and games.

We also have been given photos from the families and i would love to get an album finished for both famiies on the day. With 88 ladies, surely we could all do a couple of pages each. Cardstock for these will be supplied. We will have stamps and rubons available for journalling boxes and i would like to leave them blank for the families to fill in themselves.

COULD EVERYONE PLEASE BRING AT LEAST 3 PHOTOS OF THEIR FAVORITE THINGS - these will need to be cropped down to 6cm x 6cm (This is for a little surprise) so regardless of if you are doing the favourite things option for your kit - this is an little extra surprise - trust me on this one.....

ME album - if you are doing the ME album please start thinking about and gathering some photos of :, memories from your childhood, your favorite color, who inspires you, personality traits, loves, likes, dislikes, things people don't know about you, what you want to be when you grow up (if you haven't already - i know I haven't), dreams, hopes, things you would like your children to know. These are all examples of what could be in your album, there is no formulas for the pages as it is a book of YOU........ So think about what you would like to pass on to future generations.

FAVORITE THINGS: Well obviously you will need photos of your favorite things