Saturday, February 23, 2008

Workshop Update

Can you believe it - its only a week away. These workshops seem to come around quickly.
Just a quick note. I will be sending out the discount vouchers for Chandon Craft this weekend to all people who have paid. Please note this voucher is only valid for this week and not after the workshop.

In regards to the workshop next week. Please note that there is a lot of work being done around the church at the moment. The entrance to the church has changed if you haven't already noticed. Entrance is now via Scenic Road near the new roundabout. Follow that road around and you will see the new church entrance. There is also a huge amount of work happening to the front of the actual church too. You will be able to drop off your supplies etc at the front door but please make sure you then go and park you car in one of the newly created car parks out of the way. Sorry for the inconvience but trust me it will all be worth it once the building works are all finished next year.

Due to the success and the fun had by those who took past at the last workshop I will also be running a couple of little competitions of the day.
Just to give you a clue on what one is about......Think about your dreams....... (that is all Im saying). Dream big....

Im really looking forward to this workshop. Stephen Kaiser, owner of Kaisercraft will also be coming to say a little bit to us on the Orphanage that he has set up in Sri Lanka so that is something to look forward to also.

If you have any further queries, please contact me.