Thursday, March 20, 2008

Letter - Re Vavuniya Childrens Home in Srif Lanka

Just want to include this letter here for you all to read. It came addressed to me but want to share it with you as you all were a huge part of being able to raise the amount of money we did...

Dear Melissa, (and all you ladies who attended)

Thank you again for your hard work in raising money for Vavuniya Childrens Home in Sri Lanka.

As mentioned in my note to you, Pastor Kevin Hughes has just returned from a trip there. He has sent me a report of his time there. I have attached it, and thought I would give you the whole report because it’s interesting to read about the other homes and what life can be like there in Sri Lanka. I have also printed off four photos of the home at Vavuniya (one is of the well and water tower which has recently been completed).

I have told Kevin of your donation, and apart from the couple of things he mentions in the report, he has given me a more comprehensive list of specific items which he said “I do not have quotes for but I think the funds would go a long way to covering most of them”.

Shelving for the kitchen & store room
Blackboard and stand
12 chairs
CD player
1 bicycle
sports equipment – cricket, soccer
Maintenance – windows have to be sanded back and lacquered (need to employ someone to do this)

Fridge – approx. $500 to $600
Repairs to small motorbike used to take the kids to school – approx. $200

We really appreciate your support of the children at the home, and hope you will be happy with some (or all) of the items above being purchased for them to help fit-out the home with just some of the things we take for granted here in Australia.

Bless you
And here is part of a recent report from the Boys home in Vavuniya

7 boys 4 staff

The children all seem very settled and look very healthy. One of the boys has severe eye problem and will need glasses. He will be taken for tests. There are some problems with the drinking water – the area is renown for high calcium content, and we are seeing what can be done to rectify this. Fruit and vegetable gardens are being established and look great. We will be investing in some chairs, white board, some extra shelving for the kitchen and some sports equipment and another bicycle. There is an obvious need for a fridge also.

The kids travel 3 kms to and from each day on the small motorbike with Ps Murali. Utimately we will have to purchase a 3 wheeler and/or van as the numbers of children increase. There are now some new regulations which we must meet prior to children being granted permission to stay at the Home – this is a frustratingly slow as there are many children in need.

Because of the military restrictions in place, no vehicles are allowed past the last major checkpoint about an hour south of the town. This requires walking quite a distance through a large checking area, presenting passports and identity cards for locals, and then cramming onto buses for the ride into town. There are two other checkpoints on the way – all passengers have to leave the bus and proceed through the area on foot and having thorough searches made of any luggage or belongings. This is quite time consuming and a little alarming for any newcomer. The same system applies on the way out. On the day before I arrived a motorbike bomb was detonated at a police checkpoint only a few minutes from the Boys Home, resulting in the deaths of two policeman and a soldier and 7 others injured.

As you can see the money we raised went a long way. I guess what we take for granted these kids have been waiting for people such as yourselves to raise some money for.

Thanks again for your generosity and I look forward to our next workshop



Monday, March 10, 2008

Awesome Layouts

Again ladies I just want to thank you for the awesome layouts you did on the day. I have ordered an album to put them all in and this will be given to Stephen to take over to Sri Lanka on the next visit. Wouldn't it be great to be there to see the kids faces as they go through it.
Give yourselves a huge pat on the back- you are all very inspiring and I thank you so much for the effort you all put in to complete them.

More Photos from Sri Lanka Workshop

OK I have no idea what is going wrong with my blogger but here are the other photos that I have been trying so hard to get up. Finally I think they are posted.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Sri Lanka Workshop - Wrap Up

Well most of you know by now but Saturday was a HUGE success and we raised over $2000. What a hoot. You ladies are awesome. We had lots of fun scrapping and catching up with friends. After talking about dreams and how we are all full of loads of potential, attendees could make a little tag with a quote to remind us of just that. Also the ladies had the opportunity to participate in a couple of other things during the day. One being a layout competition - only requirement was to use the word DREAM. Also other ladies took advantage of the photos provided and help out making an album for the orphanage by completing a 12x12 layout. The layouts that were produced were lovely and it brought a tear to my eyes when looking at them all and just can't wait to get an album to put them in. Wouldn't I love to see the faces of those children when they go through that book.

Michelle Lugg won the "Dream" competition. There were so many beautiful entries but considering the cause for the day this layout grabbed my attention.

Well here are a few photos from the day.