Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Workshop Wrap Up

A huge thank you to all who attended our last workshop for the year. We had plum puddings and elves and angels and Mary's and even Scrooge. Im hoping you all enjoyed yourselves as much fun as I did and we raised a whopping $1100+ (still paying out some money) but getting the rest of the vouchers in the next couple of days for the hampers. They all got packed on Sunday, thanks to my girls who helped (maybe they would have been done quicker if they didn't - Ellie set up a pretend scanner and had to scan every item before the were placed into a basket) anyway we ended up with 6 FULL ones to give away. Four are going to the people I mentioned previously on our list and the others will be given to someone in need (am speaking to a lady who is organising this). Anyway thank you again for a wonderful day and supporting this cause.

Now for a reminder of the fun we had throughout the day - you all looked so gorgeous I thought I would just post up some of the photos for you.

Deb fron Chandon won the Quote layout competition and Bee won our Fancy dress, with Aggie coming second and Rachel coming 3rd - well done girls and thanks for the effort you put in with your costumes. Check out Bee celebrating with a plate full of goodies....ROFPMP

Monday, December 3, 2007


For those of you who are doing the calendar at the workshop on Saturday I have uploaded the of the MONTHS of the year for you to add to your project. I will be printing these out for you but they will be only on white paper. In case you want these printed on better quality or colored paper you can downloaded them from below and print them out on whatever color you like.