Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thanks to EVERYONE who attended workshop

Huge thank you to all ladies who attended the last workshop. Apologies for the heating but as you saw the function room isn't quite complete but by the next one can pretty much guarantee it will be a bit warmer. The views were worth it though, weren't they???

Thinking all you ladies need a bit more practice with the handballing skills though. Only gave away two prize packs. Anyway lets hope the Mighty Cats and their skills are better this Saturday. Car'n the Cats.... back to back would be nice..
Tracey was a little dumbstruck when we called her up and handed her the cheque. She honestly didn't guess it was for her so it was a lovely surprise. A few teary eyes when we placed the song
"PROUD" - by Heather Small. It says it the song "What have you done today to make you feel proud?" and I just hope that everyone who attended did feel proud of themselves for what they achieved that day and for helping out Tracey in a small way....

Anyway a huge thank you again to the Winter family for cooking and catering for us. They do such an awesome job and it just wouldn't be the same without your support, thanks Robyn and Terry for everything (and family too) and also to Raqual at Chandon for her genereous discount vouchers, and helping out with the Cricut machine etc.... The poor machine sure got broken in as it was running hot all day. Thinking though at the next workshop there will be page limit for everyone at a time as there were some people waiting for quite some time for a go....
Also thanks to all who helped with set up and pack up
Thanks to Fiskars for the aprons, and Scrapbook Creations for the magazines and naturally Kaisercraft for the goodies in the showbags....

Next workshop is still planned for 6th December - more information regarding cause to follow.

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