Thursday, September 11, 2008

Only a Week Away

Not sure if you are getting excited - but I am. This workshop has come around fast and its now only a week away.
For those of you who are interested we have 80 participants paid up and registered. Registrations have now closed so I am hoping you haven't missed out. The blinkin' footy is keeping a few away - and then we have hubby's who just don't get it that us girls NEED to scrap for 12 hours... and why not ...
We have been given some wonderful donations from Fiskars and Scrapbook Creations and am really appreciative of their support. Lots of other little prizes and raffles throughout the day so remember to bring your small change.... The "Cause" for the day will be revealed on the day but Im sure you will all believe me when I say it is a worthy one....

Another exciting thing is I have finally purchased us Cricut Expressions machine to have for the workshops- this will be demonstrated on the day and there for you to use (not abuse.....) and so trusting that if you really aren't sure how to use it after demonstration you get someone who can to help you out.
For those of you who were there for the Samaritans Purse Christmas shoe box appeal - I will have shoeboxes available next week to pick up. So if any of you are interested in filling a shoebox for a child in a third world country - make sure you grab a box before leaving th eworkshop. These will have to then be returned to me by the 15th October (so they can be shipped off)

Also thinking we will have some very exciting news to tell at the next workshop regarding someone who maybe coming down to do a special little class during the day.... trust me girls if this happens you will want to bring the "Poise". This is one of the loveliest, down to earth and funniest person I have ever met but one extremely talented lady - anyway can't get you all excited just yet as nothing is confirmed.... the last workshop for the year will be the best yet... Mark in your diarys 6th December and stay tuned.

Well look forward to seeing you next Saturday. Bear in mind there is still a lot of work happening around the church but we will be in the new function room - with the most gorgeous views overlooking the valleys. woo hooo - how exciting...

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