Monday, January 3, 2011

Next Workshop and Unmasked Retreat

HOLD ON TO HOPE – Crop for a Cause Workshop
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Now that I'm on a roll I'm letting you know about the next workshop and the upcoming retreat.
As i am off on teaching on the cruise this week and then to CHA registrations for both these events (yes believe it or not – early they are) can NOW be downloaded if you follow the links in the left column.
As you know we were booked to capacity at the last crop so please get in early with payment to SECURE your spot.  This will be strictly on a first in basis and payments received. 
We are raising money for a local family in Geelong whose young mum (25) has been diagnosed with MS.  (she is the sister of one of our lovely regular ladies) and we would love to show her our support and help them out.  All money raised from sales on the day will go towards this cause.
There will be more details to follow in regards to competitions etc on the day – at this moment we are just opening the registrations.
UNMASKED – Weekend Retreat
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more info:  Unmasked

Often i hear in the scrapbooking world – “I wish I could do that” – and i often think – “Well you can” if you try.   After the last workshop and the success of the little make and take – which was giving many of you the chance to try something you wouldn’t normally do (Tim Holtz inking) – these classes that are included will challenge you a little to go beyond what you are normally comfortable doing and hopefully have fun and learn something new.
We too often don’t give ourselves the chance to dream, explore our talents before we critise ourselves and tell ourselves that we can’t – so with this in mind we hope that this weekend we can encourage you a little in your crafting but also personally to have the courage to do and BE what you have hidden away inside you..
This again is limited numbers.  Realise the cost to some of you maybe a little high but please bear in mind this cost includes the cost of 4 classes, kits and giveaways, ALL meals and accommodation. 
There is also a discount if you pay early.  As it just after Mother’s Day, for some of you it may be what you just need – so why not ask hubby to contact me or Al  for a gift voucher…..(that would be extra special wouldn’t it).
We hope that at the end of the weekend you will have an extra shot of confidence installed and that you can go out and tackle some of the things you just haven’t had the courage to try.
“It’s not who you are that holds you back  – its who you think you’re not!”

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