Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Workshop

Its a little belated but here is the run down from the Christmas workshop. As it was so close to Christmas we only had 60 ladies but it was still lots of fun. We played a few games, thanks to the recent cruise I was on, which gave me some ideas and they were lots of fun. (photos to follow - Jenny beware!!!!)
For those of you who didn't attend, imagine grown women with pant rolled up to their thighs, passing blown up balloons between their legs, no hands allowed. Two teams racing against each other. Lots of squeals of laughter - and then the person on the ends had to sit on the balloon and pop it to finish. For those who participated it was lots of fun and it gave all of us watching some great photo opportunities - great bribery material.

Huge thank you to everyone who donated items for the hampers. We managed to get 7 large hampers filled. I purchased a few extra bits and pieces and baskets and wrapped them all up the following day. I got a small little glimpse of how a supermarket chick would feel and I discovered that it would never have been a job for me. My lounge room was covered in grocery items and trying to sort them out took me forever. Amongst all the chatter and scrapbooking a few lucky ladies took home some prizes.
Alison Grey won the Pink Cuttlebug - lucky girl

Jo Boreland was the extrememly lucky lady who took home the pink cricut machine. It comes with three cartridges instead of two. One of them the limited edition pink cartridge. Im even a little envious myself. You dont know how many times I wondered it you would notice the extra cartridge missing from the box if I didn't include it..... LOL Well done. I think she may have almost shed a tear or two when her name was read out - it couldn't have gone to a more deserving person. Josephine has been one of the ladies who has been a regular at most of the crop for a causes and very very excited to go home with the additional box. These are the lucky winners from the Card, layout and Beyond the Page competitions. Between these four girls, they took out all the prizes from 1st to 3rd. They are all very talented. We had some wonderful entries and I thank all of you who participated. For those of you who are wondering how it was judged. All the participants from the day got to vote and we added them up. It certainly took the pressure away from me as there were many great entries and everyone got to have a vote.

The stand out winner for the Beyond the Page was Dianne Rowe for her gorgeous Christmas house. Im not sure how much time it took her to make but it was stunning. Well done Di

Carmel Sheers won the Layout competition with her beautiful layout pictured below.

And along with Carmel and Dianne are Rachael Ashby and Kirsten who filled in the gaps and winning the other prizes. I just loved the paper bag card you made Kirsten. Well done girls. All your work was gorgeoul. Im sorry we didn't have a prize for everyone who participated but thanks for taking part.
Thanks again to everyone who participated and made the day such a huge success.
For those of you who were wondering too, the hampers were all given out the following week to people who got in touch with me with families they know of who could do with a little extra "love" and just the thought of people around who care. From messages returned to me already, they were muchly appreciated.
Stay tuned too for another chance you can have to WIN a cricit machine and help out some people at the same time.


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