Sunday, November 1, 2009

December 12th - Christmas Workshop

Hi everyone

It feels like ages since i wrote to you all.

South Africa was fantastic and I thank all you guys who came and helped me out with the practice class - it was awesome to iron out the wrinkles beforehand. Next year I'm thinking of doing a few classes randomly like that for you guys to participate in if you would like so feel free to suggest the types of things you would like, even if it is only a smaller group. Naturally they will cost as i will have to purchase the products but if you are interested just let me know as i can plan these and other dates for next year. We are currently working on getting dates for all the crops in advance. The thought of a retreat has gone through my head also would love your suggestions - if any of you know a great place that would be good to and also trying to gauge interest so let me know if you would be interested in attending one

NEXT WORKSHOP: 12th December
TIME: 9 am - 10pm
WHERE: Barrabool Hills Community Church, Province Blvd, Highton
FANCY DRESS - Christmas Theme
COMPETITIONS: Layout / cards / BTP so get creative - theme Christmas. Start creating now - no rules - no particular products have to be used. Enter once in each category only. Prize for each



Once again going to ask that you start collecting a few items that you could donate for hampers and we will have hampers to disperse again like last year for needy families in the community.

PRICE: $35 for Basic scrap and Chat - DINNER is included in this cost - and yes it will be a fantastic Christmas feast especially being held up at the church with the Winters looking after us again. - Gosh they are sooooo good to us.

There will be an additional kits which will be an additional cost but I am still finalizing these but but realize it is getting close - so will open it up now to you all if you want to pay for the basic scrap and chat ($35)and let me know later if you want to participate in the planned classes or purchase kits

Bank details are as usual (please put your name on the details as it makes it easier for me to track back and please email me the date you deposit anything)
BSB: 063551
A/c 10141667

PS on another note - OUR WELL has been dug and up and running for a community in India. I will forward a picture soon once i get one taken but again a huge thanks to everyone who contributed to the last workshop.

Feel free and please forward this email to your friends who aren't on this listing .
The last one for the year. and the first we have had for ages so lets make this a biggy. We can sacrifice the shop for extra people if required or set up thes hop part in the hallway somewhere.

Looking forward to catching up with you all really soon

love Melissa

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