Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mothers Day - Workshop (National Scrapbook Day)

Saturday 2nd May - 1pm - 11pm

Cost: Between $35 - $55 (price depends on kit chosen) Dinner is Included.
Lots of $$$Gift Vouchers and other discount vouchers for all LSS included - more details to come.

This day is going to be so much fun. I am already excited by what has been organsied.
As the date for this workshop also happens to fall on the day that is usually National Scrapbook Day, all the local scrapbook stores have gotten together to help support this cause and make this workshop the launch of a week of special discounts, games and competitions, and giveaways. Thanks Raqual for suggesting we support NSD and helping with organising this week. The following Friday - 8th May will culminate in another Crop where we will announce winners etc of competitions that have been running during the week.

Mark the dates down. Registration forms and lots more details will be out shortly but I wanted to give any of you who were planning a head start on one some of the competitions planned. This is one that will be judged on the Saturday.

Ladies, find those old bras - and start scrapping them. i can hear you already say WHAT !!!!!
Yep you heard me. Have you ever had the desire to do something a little silly.... well its something I regularly do but this time you can join me and its for a cause... This workshops cause is supporting a local lady with breast Cancer.... so therefore you know boobs need bras and well lets face it they are pretty boring... the bras I am talking about...

sooooo Just for something a little fun on the day one of the competitions we are going to be running run is to scrap your bra - we will have a little fashion parade later in the day and a winner will be announced. Obviously you won't be able to scrap your bra that day - so you can start thinking about how you want to decorate it now. I could say the bigger the better but that wouldn't be nice - this will be fun - so come on girls have a go. Just remember you have to parade it later on in the day(over the top of your clothes ladies - so no need to chicken out ) no need to be undressing... there are some great prizes planned. OK this isn't a requirement of the day but believe me you will get a giggle or two out of it.

If you need a little inspiration check out the photos below. These are just a couple of images I found on the internet. There are no rules you can decorate your bra however you like- your favourite color - even to suit your personality - its entirely up to you. Sew on flowers, stick on felt, add a photo if you wish - the only rule is there isn't any.
So get out an oldie and have some fun,.

More information regarding the day, registration forms and other information regarding the National Scrapbook Week will follow shortly.

If you need further information please feel free to leave a comment, or email me on davmelk@dodo.com.au

The day is strictly limited to 100 people so it will be the first 100 who book and PAY. The only reserved seats will be these ones.
Looking forward to catching up with many familiar faces again and another fun day.


peachy said...

wow sounds exciting Melissa, i will give the bra thing a go for sure

Peta's page said...

same here!!! we all have those we can do something with! lOL