Friday, November 21, 2008

Workshop Update

Hi again Girls
Just a quick reminder for you all to get in your registrations for the next crop. I know it is a crazy time of year and some of you may be busy with other Christmas parties. There will be many more days to come.
For those of you who are wondering where we will park on the day - don't stress.
McCanns - next door closes at 12.30 - this is one of the reasons for the time change. Also there is parking behind Pegasus antiques.

Had a few people not happy about the change - please try and understand that this is a trial and we will see how it works out in comparison to the church. If you knew how long it takes to set up at the church you would all understand why I am jumping at the chance to try out the new workshop area. Just the fact that the workshop area is permanently set up is a bonus in itself. Im sure you will all tell me which you like better after the day.

Little bit of news - Kylie Hatton, one of our regular ladies who attends the crops - went into labour early and has had a little baby boy - Mason. Can you believe she emailed me shortly afterwards and said that all she could think was now she can attend the next workshop. Congratulations Kylie and IF you are feeling up to it we would love you to drop it and say hi....make sure you bring your new little bundle to show us all...

Look forward to catching up with many more of you again in a couple of weeks.

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