Friday, April 18, 2008

Its Time to Cherish - Workshop

Before you go any further - if you haven't pressed play on the U-Tube Video (right) press it now and have a listen.....this song is so challenging...

When it comes to choosing a "Cause" for a workshop it is a really hard decision because it appears at the moment whichever way you turn there is somebody needing a helping hand. YOu only have to open a newspaper or listen to the news and it is truly heartbreaking to hear some people's stories and you can easily become overwhelmed by it all.

I couldn't decide between two families in Geelong so we are going to help out both. Both of these families have young children and have been/will be effected due to Cancer. In both situations the prognosis is not good, though we can always keep praying for a miracle.. The details of these families (both in our local community) are as below:

The Robinson Family
Brett (43) & Marie (42) Robinson of Highton. They have 4 children, Ashleigh 16, Connor 14, Billy 12 and Deklan 8. Brett was diagnosed late last year with Terminal Gastric Cancer which is in stage 4 . He also now has secondaries in his spine and ribs.

The Guthrie Family
Kim and Tim Guthrie. They have 3 children, Meg (9), Stuart (6) and Jack (2). I believe Kim is in her mid to late 30's. They live in Grovedale. The husband had not long started a new job, so hasn't accumulated any leave as such, so Kim's mother has been doing alot to help out with the children, etc, etc. Not sure the name of her cancer, but it is in her spine, pelvis, breast, lung, liver and brain. I believe she has or is having chemo & radiotherapy, but not on the spine or pelvis, as there isn't a who heap that can be done when the cancer is in your bones.

Not sure how that makes you feel when you read this but these parents are around the same age as many of us and our children. For me and some of you it would be unimaginable what these families are going through. I know for some of you others, you know exactly how they are feeling as you have been there.

I am just hoping we, TOGETHER, can stand by them, show them we care and can help them in a little way to fight this battle.

So the plan is obviously to raise as much money as we can on the day. But also are in the process of trying to get hold of photos from the families, from friends, so that we can put together a couple of albums on the day for them to get one each. We raised over $2000 at the last workshop so would love to be able to give at least $1000 , an album and a lovely hamper to each these families. Just a small token to show them that there are people out there that care about them.

Start to think about simple page layouts that we you could complete (I will bring a number of examples) but I would love to leave journalling boxes on each page that the members of the family can fill in and obviously we don't know the personal details of each photo. In the event that we don't get many photos we can still put together an album but just leave a spot with a photo matt, that the family can then add photos later.

Now along with the serious side as per always there will be lots of fun and laughs and plenty of time to do your own scrapping. Dinner again will be included in the costs as well as an awesome kit. (this though is still be decided but as per usual there will be a choice between just papers or Beyond the Page- will put the choices up later)

Date: Saturday 21st June
Time: 10am - 10pm
Where: Barrabool Hills Baptist (entry now via the new roundabout in Scenic Road)
Price: $35 - $40 depending on kit chosen
Dinner is included. BYO Nibbles and lunch to share.
plus... other little surprises throughout the day... but they're secret for now...

Papers will be supplied to make the albums - though if you want to donate towards the cost of these you may. Raffles etc will be held throughout the day again to raise extra money

100% of ALL product sold on the day will go to the cause. Again we will have Kaiser product on hand during the day if you need any extra bits and pieces.

Feel free to invite friends, for those of you who have been you will be able to guarantee your friends they will have a fun day and of course meet lots of lovely new friends.

RSVP: Please let me know if you would like to be included in this day by 15th May and payments to me prior to 31st May. I will have choices for kits up well before then.... For now I just need an indication of numbers.

If any of you have any ideas or can get product or gifts for raffles or silent auctions to be held on the day I would love to hear from you also.

Hope to see you all there and in the mean time
REMEMBER ALL THE BEAUTIFUL THINGS IN LIFE and hold on tightly to the ones that matter the most....



Chris Millar said...

Hi Melissa, the stories about these families are heart breaking. I would love to help in some way. I would love to donate some product that you could use as lucky door prizes. I'll be in contact to get your address.
What a wonderful idea the crop is!

Vicky said...

I'm rsvp 'ing
Me: Vicky Crawford
Cant wait!