Thursday, March 28, 2013

Workshop for Tammy - Crop for a Cause

As mentioned earlier the cause for the Mother's Day crop was yet to be determined and as always almost on the 11th hour I am shown someone who will really appreciate our help.  Being in Sydney last week it was lovely also to actually spend a little time with this gorgeous lady too.  If only in a class.  So yes we are going to be holding this fundraisr for one of our fellow scrapbookers. 

Tammy Hawke has been diagnosed with an extremely large tumor/cyst. At first it was thought to be only a large cyst 24cmx17cmx13cm but further investigation has shown that there is also a cancerous tumor growing in it as well. As such Tammy will undergo an operation to remove not only the mass but a full hysterectomy and part of her stomach. This is what we know she will loose, dependent upon what they find there may be more.

Any of us who know Tammy know she is going in optimistic and fighting, this women doesn’t know how not to be optimistic, Tammy is the first person people turn to when they need a friend, would be the first to put her hand up to help someone, even if she doesn’t know them, the first to help the last to leave at crops, nothing is too much for her to do. Tammy doesn’t have private insurance and although her specialist has offered to cut his fee considerably, but she will be looking at quite a bit of out of pocket expenses and this is where we come in. Any funds we are able to raise mean one less dollar she has to worry about finding. The world needs more people like Tammy and we should let these people know how special they really are and I am hoping by helping her in this fashion she will realize the esteem in which she is held. It’s hard for Tammy to accept help, it’s usually her doing the helping, so please if you can support us in some way that will help ease one problem for her.
If you can't make it to Crop for a Cause here in Geelong - 4th May. 
Highland Scrapping in Mossvale, NSW will also be running a workshop and a fundraising day on the 20th April.
If you can't make it to either of these day and would still love to support her in some way then you can download the registration form on this site and deposit a donation into the bank account listed.  If you do this can you please email me and let me know that this is a donation separate to registering for the crop.
Thanks again girls for you love and support.  YOu scrapping ladies are soooo generous.

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Kathie said...

What an amazing lady.....Tammy my prayers are with you....Such a great thing to support Melissa.....well done....
Love Kathie aka scraphappykat